Construction law is an area that touches multiple other practice areas, including contracts, employment, and tort law. Construction law essentially deals with any matter relating to the construction of a building or other structure.


Goldstein Law takes the time to guide clients through all the phases of a construction project, including assistance with obtaining planning and building permits where necessary. From start to finish, we provide expertise and a strong partnership to ensure a successful build.


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A lien is defined as a right to payment secured by an interest in property. Contractors may lien a home or building that they have worked on if they have not been paid for construction services. Recording a lien can be an effective tool in securing repayment for work completed. For a lien to be effective, specific requirements and deadlines must be met. Our construction lien litigation team can assist you in securing payment for construction services rendered.

Our office handles a wide range of civil litigation services, including lawsuits arising from construction agreements. Whether you are a contractor seeking payment for work performed on a job site, a property owner suffering construction defects or substandard work, our experienced attorneys can assist in righting the wrong.

Arbitration and Mediation are methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). These methods can be very effective means of reaching a resolution to contract disputes, without the substantial financial commitment needed for litigation. Practical representation means exploring ADR as an avenue to achieve your goals at a cost-effective price.

Public works contracts can be very lucrative. However, special consideration should be given to the rules and regulations that govern the bidding process, performance of the contract, and dispute resolution mechanisms, which are unique to these types of contracts. Whether you are a general or subcontractor, knowing your rights and responsibilities is critical to ensuring the public work contract goes smoothly.

Obtaining the requisite permits prior to starting any construction or remodel will save you time and headaches down the road. Our office can guide you through the seemingly endless red tape to get your project up and running.

Conducting work within shorelines, wetlands, or their respective buffer zones can be serious roadblocks in getting your project off the ground. These areas are governed extensively by building codes, zoning regulations, and state laws that can be difficult to navigate. Our office is well versed in these issues, and can advise  you in obtaining the requisite approvals and permits so your project can be completed on time and on schedule.

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