Personal, Professional, Practical.

Jay A. Goldstein Law Office was founded on three fundamental principles: personal service, professional staff, and practice representation. Today, Teena J. Williams continues that tradition of offering high quality legal counsel and representation to clients in the areas of real estate, land use, business & corporate law, estate planning, probate & construction, and escrow. The attorneys at Goldstein Law Office continue to offer outstanding customer service by focusing on the firm’s core principles:

Personal Service

Retaining counsel, consulting with an attorney, is a very personal experience. You need to know that your lawyer cares about you, wants to help, and has the training and expertise to assist you.

The personal approach includes speaking plainly, a commitment to your success, and all with the strictest personal and professional ethics.

We call it client orientation, oriented to you, the client, and what’s best for you.

Professional Staff

We pride ourselves on being professional–and we want our pride to show through.

After all, we represent you.

Professional means licensed, trained, educated, and experienced–decades of successful, combined private law practice.

Our able staff of attorneys, CPA, and paraprofessionals have both the hands-on and in-court experience required by our clients. We practice in state and federal courts as well as municipal hearings, land use and tax appeals boards, in addition to the Washington Supreme Court.

Practical Representation

Practical means results oriented and keeping an eye on the bottom line – making sure our work is cost effective and right for you.

Practical also means plain talk, being up front about fees and costs, and taking a look at mediation and arbitration as possible alternatives to litigation.