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Reported Cases

Merriman v. Cokeley, 168 Wash.2d 627, 230 P.3d 162 (2010). Survey markers insufficient to establish well-defined boundary under doctrine of mutual recognition and acquiescence.

Dickgieser v. State, 153 Wash.2d 530, 105 P.3d 26 (2005). Damage to private property that was reasonably necessary to log state lands was for a public use, requiring compensation.

Renfro v Kaur, 156 Wash.App 1005 (2010). Disclosure statement required and not waived in real estate purchase and sale agreement

Friend v. Friend, 92 Wash.App. 799, 964 P .2d 1219, rev. denied 137 Wash.2d 1030, 980 P .2d 1283 (1999). Partition by sale of tenancy in common, not partition in kind, was appropriate remedy where, if properties were divided in kind, result would be nonconforming lots that violated county’s zoning requirements, causing great prejudice to the owners.

Genotti v. Mason County, SHB No. 99-011 (1999). Proposed dock not consistent with Shoreline Management Act and Shoreline Master Program.

Viafore v. Mason County, SHB No. 99-033 (2000). Proposed dock not consistent with Shoreline Management Act and Shoreline Master Program.

Unreported Cases

Structural Investments & Planning IV, LLC v. Schiller, 147 Wash.App. 1040 (2008). Construes timber trespass statutes RCW 4.24.630 and 64.12.030

Ervin v. Muller, 117 Wash.App 1085 (2003). Compound interest appropriate; for interest rate to be usurious, it must be so at the inception of the contract; truth in lending act does not apply.


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